Subjects of Study

German studies

What is German Studies?

German Studies is a philology – meaning a science that addresses language and literature. In a broader sense, German Studies deal with Germanic languages, but especially with the German language. This does not only involve the contemporary German language and contemporary literature, but also texts of past epochs and older language periods.

What can I expect from this course of studies?

If you enroll for German Studies at the TU Darmstadt, you will start off by studying the basics of philology. In the basic courses, you will acquire the fundamental knowledge of the three sub-areas: for example, the area of Literary Studies focuses on the analysis of literature and the handling of literary epochs. The field of Linguistics addresses knowledge about the structure of the German language, but also, for example, about pronunciation and word formation. Thirdly, the area of Medieval Studies is concerned with the linguistic history of the German language. Here, pronunciation shifts, language changes, and Middle High German literature are used to gain a better understanding of the German language.

The basic courses are thematically supplemented by introductory seminars (Proseminar) to lay a solid basis for further studies. Furthermore, in addition to a historical overview of language and literature, there are seminars focusing on the two main areas of Language and Literature Studies. Depending on your interests and personal strengths, you will attend further seminars in one of the subject areas in order to be able to write a final thesis in the respective subject area at the end of studies.

Further information on German Studies can be found on the page of the course of studies .