Subjects of Study

Applied Linguistics

What awaits me in the Master's course of Applied Linguistics?

Our Master's course is aimed at professional practice and has two main focuses: multilingualism and working with texts in professional life. To this end, the course of studies first focuses on a deeper understanding of the basics of language and linguistic usage: How does language acquisition work? How is language implemented in texts, how does text convey knowledge? It is particularly important to us to acknowledge that language is always an integral part of a society's cultural practice. This is why we are concerned with the functions and effects – such as speaking and writing e.g. in science, the media, or corporate communications – and to what extent this is culture-specific. However, we do not limit ourselves to working with texts of others; we also reflect on our own texts, in order to acquire the necessary skills for the linguistic analysis of discussions, texts, and discourses.

What are the main points of focus?

The rest of the course of studies is determined by choosing a specialist field, which also narrows down the scope for the final thesis. On the one hand, the focus is on text competence, on expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of technical language and, generally, language in professional life and at the workplace in an interdisciplinary manner. On the other hand, you can also choose to focus on German as a foreign or second language (DaF/DaZ). Then, the focus is on how the German language is acquired by people who either grow up in a multilingual environment or who learn German later in life, as a foreign language. Thus, you will be concerned with the connection between language and education in a multilingual society and with research into the acquisition of writing skills and educational opportunities in multilingual institutions.

Further information on the course of studies of Applied Linguistics can be found on the course's webpage .