Subjects of Study

German (Teaching at Secondary Schools)

What is German (Teaching at Secondary Schools)?

The study program German / Teaching at Secondary Schools prepares students to become German teachers. Thematically, the course of studies belongs to the field of German Studies, i.e. a Philology. This means that it is a science that deals with language and literature – in this case with Germanic languages, but especially with the German language. This does not only involve the contemporary German language and contemporary literature, but also texts of past epochs and older language periods.

What can I expect from this course of studies?

If you enroll for the course of studies of German / Teacher Training at Secondary Schools at the TU Darmstadt, you will start off with basic courses in the three sub-areas. In the field of Linguistics, for example, knowledge of the structure of the German language, pronunciation, word formation, and word meaning are in the foreground. The sub-area Literary Studies focuses on the analysis and reception of literature, its connection with different epochs, and the aspects of literary edition. The field of Medieval Studies addresses older language periods of German – asking how the language developed, which processes played an important role here, and how literature and culture are interdependent.

The basic courses will eventually be supplemented by introductory seminars (Proseminar), thus providing a sound basis for further studies. A historical overview of the German language and literature as well as lectures in the field of Linguistics and Literature serve to consolidate the fundamentals. In a next step, it can be decided – depending on individual preferences and strengths – whether to focus on Linguistics or on Literature. Then in-depth lectures serve to prepare for the final thesis. In addition to the scientific lectures, there are courses on didactics to prepare the students for teaching situations in addition to acquiring further knowledge. This is supported by the practical school training, involving classroom visits and own lessons.

After passing the final exams and the thesis, the course of studies is completed with the first state examination (erstes Staatsexamen).

Further information on German (Teaching at Secondary Schools) can be found on the page of the course of studies .