Subjects of Study

German (Master of Education)

What is German (Master of Education)?

The course of studies of German / Master of Education prepares students to work in the field of teaching, with a focus on teaching at vocational schools. The course of study is associated to German Studies, i.e. a Philology. This means that it is a science that deals with language and literature – in this case with Germanic languages, but especially with the German language. This does not only involve the contemporary German language and contemporary literature, but also texts of past epochs and older language periods.

What can I expect from this course of studies?

The course of German (Master of Education) is based on existing knowledge in the field of Philology. The educational background is broadened by means of basic courses in the areas of Linguistics, Literary Studies, and Medieval Studies – in addition to seminars in two of the three specialist areas, in order to provide a solid basis for a subsequent Master's course.

On the one hand, you will attend courses in Language and Literature History – including the field of Medieval Studies as well as an overview of the German language and literature up to the present time. On the other hand, a focus is placed on reading courses in which selected works of German Literary History are addressed.

Seminars in the field of linguistics and literature round out the specialist part of the master's program, complemented by a focus in one of the two areas through further events. In preparation for the apprenticeship, however, didactic events are also held, which deal with language didactics, literary didactics as well as German as a foreign and as a second language.

The course of studies is completed with a thesis, the Master's thesis, the topic of which can be chosen according to individual interests within the focus area.

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