Courses of Study

German (Teaching at Secondary Schools)

In the study program “Teaching at Secondary Schools” at TU Darmstadt, you combine two subject areas, supplemented with the so-called basic sciences (Pedagogy and Psychology) and interdisciplinary elective modules. Thus, you can and have to combine German with another subject such as History, Biology, or Sport.

You should study German if you are particularly interested in the German language and literature, and if you are prepared to read and write a lot. In the three subject areas – Germanic Linguistics, Modern German Literature, and Medieval Studies (German language and literature of the Middle Ages) – we will provide you with information about the historical changes and the aesthetic characteristics of the German language and literature. You will become familiar with the relationship between language/literature and society, and we will discuss the variety of achievements and functions of language and literature in different contexts, situations, and media. In the subject-specific area of your teacher training course, you will thus acquire basic theoretical knowledge and methodological skills of German Studies.

The teacher training program lasts four to four and a half years (8 semesters) and is largely modularized, meaning that the examinations during the course of your studies are also relevant for the final grade. However, the course of studies is completed with the first state examination (erstes Staatsexamen). In order to actually become a teacher, you will have to complete a teacher training Hessian grammar school and a second state examination.

1. Written examination

If the state examination in German is conducted in written form, this will be in the form of a written examination. The written examination always contains two subject-specific parts:

  • German Linguistics
  • Recent German Literary Studies

There is mandatory didactic problem – either in the field of Language Studies or Literatury Studies – to be decided spontaneously during the exam and depending on the given task.

The respective examiners for the written examination are appointed by the institute.

2. Oral examination

If the state examination in German is conducted as an oral exam (60 min), the exam always has to covers the following two areas:

  • German Linguistics
  • Recent German Literary Studies

In the preparatory talks for the oral examination, the candidate has to specify in advance in which of the two sub-areas the teaching methodology will be examined. About 40 minutes of the examination time will be devoted to the sub-area with the didactic part, the remaining 20 minutes are reserved for the other sub-area.

In is mandatory to name an examiner for each area (two in total). The two parts of the exam take place in succession in a common colloquial exam.

Important note

The professors of the institute (Prof. Dr. Hufeisen, Prof. Dr. Janich, Prof. Dr. Luserke-Jaqui, Prof. Dr. Müller, Prof. Dr. Rapp, Prof. Dr. Weitin, Prof. Dr. Merkelbach) who are entitled to conduct an exam are at your disposal as examiners at any time.

Written examinations 2020


  • Linguistics: Dr. Merkelbach/Prof. Dr. Hufeisen
  • Literary studies: Prof. Dr. Luserke-Jaqui/Prof. Dr. Gius


  • Linguistics: Prof. Dr. Hufeisen/Prof. Dr. Müller
  • Literary studies: Prof. Dr. Luserke-Jaqui/Prof. Dr. Gius