Courses of Study

German (Master of Education)

The two-year study course of German (Master of Education) prepares you – with regard to the subject specific as well as the didactic aspects – to become a teacher at vocational schools. The prerequisite for this course of studies is the completion of a technical subject in the Bachelor of Education. You should study German if you are particularly interested in the German language and literature, and if you are prepared to read and write a lot. In the three subject areas – Germanic Linguistics, Modern German Literature, and Medieval Studies (German language and literature of the Middle Ages) – we will provide you with information about the historical changes and the aesthetic characteristics of the German language and literature. You will become familiar with the relationship between language/literature and society, and we will discuss the variety of achievements and functions of language and literature in different contexts, situations, and media. In the subject-specific area of your teacher training course, you will thus acquire basic theoretical knowledge and methodological skills of German Studies.