Subjects of Study

General and Specific Information

Here – in addition to general information on the individual subjects of study at the Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies – you will find the implementation regulations, study and examination plans, competence descriptions, and module handbooks for the respective subjects of study.

Academic term papers

The term paper is a common type of submission and examination at the university. Term papers underlie certain formal requirements, such as for example concerning the contents and organisation of the title page. A title sheet following the design guidelines of Technische Universität Darmstadt can be downloaded here .

In addition to following the above mentioned formal requirements, students are obliged to add a formal statement to any term paper or other written submissions that any work they submit toward the fulfilment of course requirements is their own work and that none other than the sources cited therein were used in the completion of the task. The text to be used in this formal statement is available for downloadhere (opens in new tab) .

Part-time offers

All information about the part-time study plans can be found on the webpage of the Part-Time Studies Office.