Dr. Michael Bender

Focus of Research

Below, you can find information about the focus of reseaerch of Dr. Michael Bender.

Links & Downloads

Habilitation project: Kommentieren im Medienwandel (link to the abstract)

Research areas

  • Commenting
  • Contextualization
  • Linguistic perspective
  • Linguistic appraisal
  • Language and knowledge
  • Science Communication
  • Scientific language (especially subject-specific characteristics, development of technical terms (see the ePoetics project), heuristic practices (see the DIGIF project))
  • Discourse analysis
  • Text Linguistics
  • Digital Linguistics / Corpus Linguistics / Computer Philology / Digital Humanities
  • Didactics in the Digital Humanities
  • Empirical methods of language research and social science
  • User research / needs analysis for digital infrastructures/tools
  • Virtual research environments
  • Idea history of the Digital Humanities