What is TUCaN?

If you are a student at TU Darmstadt, access to TUCaN is essential. You have to register to TUCaN with your TU Darmstadt Identification Number (TU-ID), which is assigned at the beginning of your studies. During your studies, you will use TUCaN quite frequently, since this system serves to handle, for example, all registrations for lectures/courses or examinations. If you are not registered for a course/lecture or an exam via TUCaN, you can not complete it successfully. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with the TUCaN system as soon as possible in order to register correctly and on time.

At the same time, TUCaN also serves as an information and documentation platform. TUCaN informs you about the starting times of the lectures, the respective room numbers – and about what lectures/courses there are in the first place. Further, students can view their grades via TUCaN. As soon as the teachers approved the grades and passed them on to the student office to have them published in TUCaN, the students can access them online. In this way, students can view their grades for individual lectures/courses or modules, but it is also possible to get an overview of all previous achievements.

In addition, TUCaN is used by lecturers and, for example, the student office to notify students. So you should check your account regularly to see whether you have any important messages.

In the case of questions regarding the registration or other procedures, students can contact the respective student office – and if there are technical problems with TUCaN, the TUCaN competence team can be contacted via .