What is Moodle?

Similar to TUCaN, Moodle lists the individual lectures and courses. With Moodle, however, you don't have to sign up for each course separately. Usually, if you sign up for a course/lecture on TUCaN, this registration should be automatically transferred to Moodle as well. If there are problems with this, you can contact the respective lecturer, as lecturers can manage their courses and add participants themselves.

You can log on to Moodle using your TU-ID, which is also necessary for TUCaN. Lecturers can use the platform to upload course materials, for example. It is also possible to publish announcements or send messages – and students can submit essays, term papers, or other projects via Moodle.

Very important: A course registration in Moodle cannot take the place of a registration via TUCaN! If you want to take part in a course/lecture and want to have the results recognized, you have to register via TUCaN! Also, Moodle is not used by all of the lecturers, so the focus should always be on TUCaN.