Freshers/First-year students

Welcome to the beginning of a course of studies!

The Institute of Linguistics and Literatury Studies welcomes you and is pleased that you chose it to enroll for a course of studies. For your orientation, we have put together the most important information below.

Curricula / Study plans

Before starting your studies, we would like to recommend that you read the Study and Examination Plan (Studien- und Prüfungsplan, SPP) as well as the regulations for the degree program (Studienordnung) relevant to the chosen course of studies. The SPP contains recommendations on the question in which order you should visit the courses/lectures and complete the examinations.


Picture: TUCaN, TU Darmstadt

The online platform TUCaN is the Campus Management System of the TU Darmstadt. Here, all relevant processes of the students are managed and documented.

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The online platform Moodle is often used at TU Darmstadt to support and simplify the teaching.

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Scientific papers

The formal declaration for scientific papers written at the Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies is available for download.