Study Guidance

As a general rule, all faculty members of the Institute can provide advice regarding the content of the courses of study at the Institute of Linguistics and Literature. However, it is recommended to first read the provided information and documents (the study regulations and examination regulations, for example) on the respective degree program if you have any question regarding the course of studies, the timetables, study regulations, examination regulations, implementation regulations, etc.

General Study Guidance

Additionally, as a first point of contact for all questions regarding study organization, timetable organization, subject-specific TUCaN questions, etc., you can contact the Study Coordinator of the Institute for Linguistics and Literature, Florian Ostertag , in person (during the office hours published on hiswebpage) or by e-mail.

For general questions regarding studies and teaching, or to clarify cases of doubt, please refer to the General Study Guidance as a first point of contact.