Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp


Here, you can find an overview of the functions of Prof. Andrea Rapp.

Vice President for Scientific Infrastructure (since January 1, 2017)
Managing Director of the Institute for Linguistics and Literary Studies (04/2012 to 03/2014; 04/2016 to 03/2017)
Member of the Faculty Council of Faculty 02 Social and History Sciences
Member of the Doctoral Committee
Senate Representative for Appointment Procedures of the TU Darmstadt
Member of the Graduiertenkolleg Topologie der Technik
Member of the sub-committee for electronic publications (Unterausschuss für elektronische Publikationen) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Mediavists (Mediävistenverband)
Deputy Spokeswoman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Research Association Marbach-Weimar-Wolfenbüttel
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel
Member of the Academic Commission for the Akademienprogramm
Member of the Advisory Board of the blog portal Hypothèse
Permanent delegate of the Philosophischen Fakultätentag
Second Chairperson of the TextGrid Association (association for the sustainable operation of a digital research infrastructure in the humanities)
Member of the DFG Network Internet Lexicography
Expert opinions: German Research Foundation, Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat), Leibniz Association, German-French University, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), FRS FNRS BELGIUM, DH Conferences 2012ff.

Digital Humanities

Information regarding the Digital Humanities in Darmstadt can also be found on the current DHDarmstadt website..

Important note for examiners (written and oral exams)

As of Summer Semester 2012, the following rules apply: If you want me as an examiner, I strongly recommend that you attend at least one of my courses/lectures. Also, the field of Medieval Studies must be adequately represented.


In the light of given events, I would like to point out that exams have to be written in your own words as well. Here, exact citations of texts by other authors (also from online sources) without adequate reference are considered plagiarism and treaded as such.