Svenja A. Gülden, M.A.

Academic Career

since May 2015 Research Associate (Arbeitsstellenleitung) in the academy project on ancient Egyptian italics (Altägyptische Kursivschriften)
2009 to 2015 Research Associate at the Institute of Egyptology and Ancient Oriental Studies of the JGU Mainz, Asyut Project (DFG)
2005 to 2008 Research Associate at the Department of Egyptology of the University of Cologne in the project “Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in Graeco-Roman Egypt” [Trismegistos] (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation / Sofja Kovalevskaja Award)
2001 to 2005 Assistant at the Department of Egyptology at the University of Cologne (library, collection)

1996 to 2001
Research Associate at the Department of Egyptology of the University of Bonn in the joint project of the Universities of Bonn and Cologne: “Edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead – from the New Kingdom of Egypt to the Roman Period” (DFG)
1996 M.A. at the University of Cologne (Egyptology, Classical Archeology, and Ancient History)

Further professional activities


Since 1998 various seminars and individual lectures in Egyptology

Object photography / digitizing

Since 1995 numerous campaigns in international museums and collections, focusing on the scientific processing and (digital) photography of papyri, ostraca, and other objects.

Exhibition supervision

11/2011 to 04/2012 Traveling exhibition “Tutankhamun – His tomb and the treasures” in Frankfurt am Main

09/2011 to 11/2012 “Egyptian Gardens”, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne

07/2001 to 02/2002 “The Pyramid – House of Eternity”, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne

1994 “Mummy and Computer”, “Museum X”, Röntgen-Museum, Remscheid

Exhibition concepts / educational concepts for museums

2009 and 2014 Participation in the exhibition concept “Es ist angerichtet” (part 1 + part 2), portrait photography by Monika Sandel

01/2012 “Discovering Egypt's treasures. Masterpieces from the Egyptian Museum Turin”, Historical Museum of the Palatinate, Speyer, participation in the conception for the exhibition object “Book of the Dead” (Totenbuch)

2007 to 2010 Museum X – Röntgen Museum, Remscheid (exhibition extension “A Mummy for Remscheid”), participation in the conception of children's programs, children's literature, and the adult lecture program

02/2001 Course for museum educators: “Egypt – The Doetsch Collection in the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum”

Excursion leader

Since 1988 Excursions to Egyptian museums and collections in Germany and in other European countries

Public Relations / Adult Education

September 12/13, 2015

Science Market (Wissenschaftsmarkt) in Mainz, presentation of the project on Ancient Egyptian Italics with a campaign “Your Name in Hieroglyphics”

Since 2001

Various (non-university) lectures


Initiator and co-founder of “Uschebti e.V.”, Association of Friends oft he Department of Egyptology at the University of Cologne [deputy chairperson (12/1998 to 07/2001) and chairperson (07/2001 to 02/2004)]

Since 1994

Organization and participation in information and action boothes focusing on Egyptology (including “Your Name in Hieroglyphs”) at various events


Since 2001

Lecture moderations, exhibition openings


Kestner Museum Hannover – Summer Seminar “Contact between ancient cultures in the Nile Valley: Alexandria and Rome” (tendered by Stiftung Niedersachsen)

March 1, 1993 to January 31, 1996

Student Assistant at the Department of Egyptology at the University of Cologne