Workshop on Linguistic Processing Pipelines

The Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies hosts a workshop on Linguistic Processing Pipelines. 

Date: 10 July 2008

Room: S1 03 | 100

Corpus linguists typically create processing pipelines tailored to specific tasks. Existing tools are used whenever possible, but it is often necessary to create customized intermediate processing steps. This suggests that there may be demand for tools facilitating the creation of processing chains. While frameworks such as UIMA or Gate offer such support, they are complex and consequently seldom used by corpus linguists. 

This workshop invites participants to reflect on current practices in corpus processing, focusing on processing pipelines for selected research areas (lexicology/lexicography, grammar, translation, etc). The goal is to compare these processing pipelines (e.g. order of steps, configurations, data structures, explicitness, formats, etc) in order to identify similarities and differences.


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