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Fields of research

  • corpus and computational linguistics
  • register linguistics
  • domain-specific register studies
  • modelling multimodal discourses
  • multisemiotic register studies
  • collocations, multi-word lexical units
  • (linguistic) knowledge representation

Mitgliedschaft in Fachverbänden

Gesellschaft für Sprachtechnologie und Computerlinguistik (GSCL)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS)
Deutscher Anglisten Verband e.V.

Mitarbeit in wissenschaftlichen Organen

Current book project:

Modeling Multimodal Registers:
Towards a Methodology and a Model for the Analysis of Multimodal Registers in Scientific Writing
(working title)

Short abstract
Scientific and other academic discourses are inherently multimodal, i.e. they are comprised of graphics, images, tables and formulae alongside natural language. These modalities jointly construe meaning in those discourses. Established linguistic register models account to the multimodal nature of scienitific discourses. This book presents research towards a model of multimodal written documents in science and technology. It explores the ways in which natural language and other, non-linguistic modalities interact in the establishment of coherent texts and seeks to investigate the use of multimodality in different scientific registers. The book proposes a methodology and a model of multimodal text in science writing.
The research described in this book is based on a corpus of scientific writing from three principal scientific domains: the natural sciences, engineering and the humanities.


Institut für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


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