Betreuung von Abschlußarbeiten

Ich prüfe und betreue Abschlußarbeiten in den folgenden Studiengängen:

  • Joint Bachelor of Arts Anglistik
  • Master of Education Englisch
  • LaB Englisch
  • Anwendungsfach Anglistik im Master of Science der Fächer Informatik und Mathematik
  • Master of Arts Linguistic and Literary Computing


I am happy to supervise Bachelor and Master theses in the following fields and metholodological  areas:

Corpus and computational linguistics, empirical linguistics

Fields and topic areas:

  • Register linguistics
  • Lexis (multiword lexical units, collocations, idioms)
  • Grammar
  • Semantics (e.g. Frame Semantics)
  • Linguistic theory

Please make sure you discuss your ideas for theses with me ahead of your final semester.

Supervision of Bachelor-Theses

Comparison of Commercial Translation Memory Systems to Freeware Translation Memory Systems
Lisa Höfling (06.2013)

Collocations in the Bermuda Triangle: A Corpus Study on Caribbean and South Pacific New Englishes
Franz-Xaver Ott (09.2012)

Systemic Functional Linguistics: Register Theory
Laura Woll (08.2012)

Political Rhetoric of the War on Terror. A corpus-based approach
Claudia Dudziak (09.2011)

Linguistic Analysis of Political Speeches in Russian and English
Svetlana Podsokhina (07.2010)

The language of advertisements. A corpus-based study of multimodal cosmetics advertisements
Veronika Körkel (09.2010)

Supervision of Masters Theses

Topic Modelling / Literary Texts
Natali Karlova (03.2012)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Chris Biemann

Lexicon acquisition / acquisition of metaphors:
How do children acquire metaphorical and idiomatic concepts? An explanatory approach
Anna-Maria Morweiser (05.2011)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Julika Griem

Evaluation in Academic Research Articles across Scientific Disciplines. A corpusbased approach
Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb (12.2010)
Supervisors: Elke Teich, Sabine Bartsch

An Approach to Automatic Theme Annotation
Lara Schwarz (03.2008)
Supervisors: Elke Teich, Sabine Bartsch


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