Betreuung von Abschlußarbeiten

Ich prüfe und betreue Abschlußarbeiten in den folgenden Studiengängen:

  • Joint Bachelor of Arts Anglistik
  • Bachelor or Arts Digital Philology
  • Joint Bachelor of Arts Digital Philology
  • Master of Arts Linguistic and Literary Computing
  • Master of Education Englisch
  • LaB Englisch (für das Lehramt an beruflichen Schulen gewerblich-technischer Fachrichtungen)
  • Anwendungsfach Anglistik im Master of Science der Fächer Informatik und Mathematik


I am happy to supervise Bachelor and Master theses in the following fields and metholodological  areas:

Corpus and computational linguistics, empirical linguistics

Fields and topic areas:

  • Register linguistics
  • Lexis (multiword lexical units, collocations, idioms)
  • Grammar
  • Semantics (e.g. Frame Semantics)
  • Linguistic theory

Please make sure you discuss your ideas for theses with me ahead of your final semester.

Supervision of Bachelor-Theses (Erstgutachterin)

Gender specific language use
Anna Pohlmann (03.2014)

Child bilingualism
Aneela Chaudhary (02.2014)

Comparison of Commercial Translation Memory Systems to Freeware Translation Memory Systems
Lisa Höfling (06.2013)

Collocations in the Bermuda Triangle: A Corpus Study on Caribbean and South Pacific New Englishes
Franz-Xaver Ott (09.2012)

Systemic Functional Linguistics: Register Theory
Laura Woll (08.2012)

Political Rhetoric of the War on Terror. A corpus-based approach
Claudia Dudziak (09.2011)

Linguistic Analysis of Political Speeches in Russian and English
Svetlana Podsokhina (07.2010)

The language of advertisements. A corpus-based study of multimodal cosmetics advertisements
Veronika Körkel (09.2010)

Supervision of Masters Theses

XML Kodierung in der Editionsphilologie
Nadezhda Petrova (04.2014)
Supervisors: Andrea Rapp, Sabine Bartsch

Individual Differences of Motivation, Aptitude and Age as
Factors in Learning English as a Foreign Language: A Study
Christoph Kaiser (03.2014)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Martha Gibson

Eigennamenerkennung und -klassifikation im Deutschen. Eine Evaluation unterschiedlicher Ansätze
Fenja Kastendiek (02.2014)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Stefan Evert

Opinion Mining: Linguistic Analysis of Opinions in Web Texts
Livia Weber (01.2014)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Stefan Evert

Topic Modelling / Literary Texts
Natali Karlova (03.2012)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Chris Biemann

Lexicon acquisition / acquisition of metaphors:
How do children acquire metaphorical and idiomatic concepts? An explanatory approach
Anna-Maria Morweiser (05.2011)
Supervisors: Sabine Bartsch, Julika Griem

Evaluation in Academic Research Articles across Scientific Disciplines. A corpusbased approach
Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb (12.2010)
Supervisors: Elke Teich, Sabine Bartsch

An Approach to Automatic Theme Annotation
Lara Schwarz (03.2008)
Supervisors: Elke Teich, Sabine Bartsch


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